Building Design Services

It is a big decision to build a house, and we want to make sure that you will be absolutely happy with your new home. We will lead you through the whole process and help you to find the perfect home that suits your needs and your budget to make your building experience a good one. Here you can see which steps are to go from the first idea to your finished home.

If you want a brick home on a slab, or would rather hardiplank on stumps, we offer you a wide range of homes. If you like it traditional or modern or you want a real Queenslander, just look through our plans and find the design that suits you.

We show a lot of interior pictures on our webpage, so you don’t need to guess what it will look like. You can actually have a look at your house before it is even been built.

The first step will be, that we work out your family’s needs and your wishes for the design and your budget. Once we know these parameters we can find the perfect home for you and your family. When you are happy with the design, you close a housing contract with Schefe Builders, which is the base for our work and specifies exactly what you get for your money, so that there are no bad surprises.

Depending if you already own land or you want to buy a property we can help you to find the right place to build your home. In preparation of the council application you need to get a soil test done and the engineering design. We can organise this for you. When all the preliminary work is done, we prepare your house plans ready to go to the council.


During the waiting period for council approval we will go on with preparing the project, this would be the time for you to think about materials and colours for your new home’s interior. We will help you to find the right color range as well as the joinery for your kitchen and bathrooms.

We will keep you informed about the ongoing process so that once you have received council approval we can start to build your home.

First the foundation is built, that means either a slab or stumps depending on the house type you’ve chosen. Then the frame will be erected. Once this is done you can already see the shape of your future home. And even though you can already imagine where every room will be, it will take a bit more time till you can see the real size of your rooms.

The next step will be the roof covering, installing windows and exterior doors and the insulation for the exterior walls. Then the exterior cladding can go on. This either be a hardiplank cladding or a brick exterior again depending on the house type you have chosen. Once your home is weather proof, the interior fit out can go on. Lining out the walls, plumbing, electricity, tiling and the joinery work. The final finish happens when the internal doors are fitted and the walls are painted.

When your new home is finished we hand it over to you and we follow up with providing a maintenance at six months.

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